Save Smart For Healthcare. Your Way.

1. Save for Healthcare at Your Own Pace
2. Pay Hospital Bills & Medicine for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere!
3. Earn Interest on Savings
4. Withdraw Your Principal (Unused) + Interest
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Types of Wallets

Individual Wallet

Create and grow a personal healthcare fund to meet your future medical expenses. 

Family Wallet

Save together for everyone’s outpatient medical needs. Have peace of mind knowing your family is financially prepared for healthcare costs.

MamaPrime (Maternity) Wallet

Save and manage the often unpredictable costs of pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care.

Employee Contributed Medical Fund

Contribute partially or fully to a pooled medical fund in your place of work. Receive all your savings/benefits after exiting the company.

Seniors Wallet

Contribute as a group (family, caregivers, etc.) for your aging parents, grandparents, and guardians who require ongoing medical care and attention.

Retirement Wallet

Retiring soon? Plan ahead for future medical expenses with a dedicated savings plan.

How it Works

Imani Health - How it Works

Features and Benefits

Learn why our approach is a unique healthcare savings solution.

Tailored Savings

  • Save specifically for healthcare expenses. No more paying for coverage you don’t need as is the case with mainstream health insurance.

Flexible Usage

  • Our products are designed primarily for outpatient care, covering doctor visits, prescriptions, and diagnostics – a feature that’s not available in ordinary health insurance covers.
  • Also, you can cover your immediate family, including parents and relatives as opposed to ordinary health insurance where the cover is often limited to the policyholder only.

Nationwide Access

  • Imani Health allows you to access your funds at ANY accredited hospital or chemist across Kenya, while insurance covers are limited to specific hospitals.

Instant Access

  • Traditional insurance imposes waiting periods and exclusions that can hinder timely treatment while with Imani Health, you can access your wallet as soon as you start saving.

Interest Earnings

  • Your savings grow over time, and attract a 7% annual interest.

No Expiry

  • While mainstream insurance employs a “use it or lose it” approach, in our case you don’t have to spend until a need arises. 
  • Remember, unused funds are rolled over— and even earn interest for you!

Hassle-Free Withdrawal

  • If for any reason you decide to discontinue with the service you’ll recover your unused principal and respective interest (after a minimum of two years).

No Age Limit

  • Imani Health ensures that seniors can access quality care without age restrictions, as opposed to mainstream insurance which places high premiums for older age groups.

Inpatient Cover Add-on

  • Imani Health Wallet has evolved to offer inpatient insurance alongside wallets, becoming the ideal healthcare savings and planning partner nationally.

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