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For 4 years now, we’ve been helping thousands of Kenyans save for healthcare, earn interest on saved deposits, and pay for hospital bills and medicine – for anyone, anytime, anywhere, across the country.

Types of Savings Wallets 💰

Individual Wallet

Create and grow a personal healthcare fund to meet your future medical expenses. 

Family Wallet

Save together for everyone’s outpatient medical needs. Have peace of mind knowing your family is financially prepared for healthcare costs.

MamaPrime (Maternity) Wallet

Save and manage the often unpredictable costs of pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care.

Employee Contributed Medical Fund

Contribute partially or fully to a pooled medical fund in your place of work. Receive all your savings/benefits after exiting the company.

Seniors Wallet

Contribute as a group (family, caregivers, etc.) for your aging parents, grandparents, and guardians who require ongoing medical care and attention.

Retirement Wallet

Retiring soon? Plan ahead for future medical expenses with a dedicated savings plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Imani Health Wallet?

A unique savings solution for your healthcare needs. Save, earn interest on saved deposit, and pay for hospital bills and medicine for yourself, family or anyone who might be in need, anytime, anywhere, across Kenya. 

Who can save with the Imani Health Wallet?

Anyone (employed, self-employed, unemployed) can save for their healthcare needs with Imani Health Wallet – individuals, family members, seniors, retirees, employees, etc.

Where can I use the saved money?

The saved money can be used to pay for hospital bills or buy medication for yourself, your family and friends at ANY health facility across the country.

Will the saved money earn interest?

Yes, your saved deposits (unused) earn a 7% interest per annum (Retirement Wallet attracts a 10% interest).

Also, all unused savings roll over at the end of the year, plus the earned interest.

What happens if I decided to exit?

If for any reason(s) you decide to exit/cancel your subscription, you’ll be refunded all your unused savings plus interest.

How do I get started/register?

Register by dialing (for free) *384*48# on your phone, select “Register” and follow the simple prompts that follow.

How do I save?

To save dial (for free) *384*48# on your phone, select “Deposit To Wallet” and follow the simple prompts that follow.

How do I pay for health/medical expenses?

To pay for hospital bills or prescriptions, dial (for free) *384*48# on your phone, select “Pay Hospital Bill” and follow the simple prompts that follow.

Is Imani Health an insurance company?

NO. Imani Health is an insurance product; the savings in your wallet, can be used to cover anyone you choose including your family and friends.


While we work with insurance companies to offer inpatient insurance options, Imani Health is an independent company registered in Kenya and underwritten by Zimele Asset Management (a company regulated by Capital Markets Authority). 

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