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Seniors Wallet

Taking care of those that cared for you.


Seniors Health Wallet is a healthcare savings platform designed for adult children saving for their (senior) parents healthcare.

  • These parents are past typical insurance age and/or might have underlying health conditions which makes insurance prices un-affordable for the them
  • These parents are prone to common illnesses that require frequent medical attention.


  • Better planning for parents healthcare
  • Receive healthcare immediately – No waiting period
  • ALL ailments are covered
  • Home visits by medic available
  • Healthcare education programme for caregivers
  • Diagnostic visits are covered 
  • Funds can be used in any healthcare facility
  • Siblings and other family members can contribute to one wallet.
  • Unused monies roll over into the next year until depletion

Kindly note that Imani Health Wallet is NOT an insurance plan, but a savings plan. One can ONLY ACCESS THE AMOUNT SAVED IN THE WALLET.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

My parents have NHIF, how is this important?

This wallet covers the costs that are NOT covered by NHIF depending on the healthcare facility your parent(s) visits. Money will not be deducted from the wallet for costs that NHIF already covers.  


How does it work & what is the cost?

  • Dial *384*48#  from a Safaricom line (it’s free)
  • Register your details as prompted
  • Top-up your wallet by choosing top-up wallet from the USSD option. (top-up any amount at any time)
  • View wallet balance
  • Pay hospital bill by following the prompts on the USSD

As a user, you are charged ONLY when you visit the hospital. The cost charged is 5% of the hospital bill up to a maximum of Ksh. 1,000. The money is deducted from your wallet during payment. 

My parent is really sick. Can I use the wallet for home care services?

Yes the wallet can be used for homecare services. We have partnered with credible hospitals and organizations to provide your parents with the best homecare support they need. 

Do I make interest on money saved?

YES! Your savings grow over time, and attract a 7% annual interest. Please note the Retirement Wallet attracts a 10% interest.

Also, you can get discounted rates whenever you visit our partner hospitals for healthcare services.

What happens to my savings when my parent passes away?

In this really unfortunate incident, your money is refundable or can be transferred to other healthcare institutions such as mortuary & casket services.

Can my parent contribute for themselves?

Yes your parents can contribute for themselves too. This is done by sending money to their money into their own wallet (their own phone number)

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