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Understanding Healthcare in Kenya (SME Healthcare Services)

Employee Contributed Medical Fund

As the CEO of a ‘smaller’ company myself, I know the challenge of attracting and retaining top talent. While they are crucial to the growth of your business, you cannot seem to offer them enough to keep them around, especially with the economy playing the ‘games’ it is playing currently. Beyond competitive salaries, offering comprehensive healthcare benefits is increasingly becoming an expectation… but the reality is; insurance is expensive, your funds have other competing needs e.g. marketing, utilities, salary, taxes…. and to be honest, you are not there just yet. Enter Employee Contributed Medical Funds (ECMFs) as the solution for Healthcare in Kenya.

An ECMF pools contributions from employees (and employers) to create a shared healthcare fund. This pool of funds is set aside for healthcare expenses that runs on every year until depleted. The funds can be used to cover a range of medical expenses under the Healthcare in Kenya bracket; from outpatient consultations to in-patient care, depending on the chosen plan. Employees choose their preferred contribution level and benefit package, giving them control over their healthcare spending. Should an employee leave, they leave with all their contributions, without impacting the company in any way. With an ECMF, the saved funds can be transferred to retirement as the client exits the company. The funds will have earned interest that is part of the package an employee receives as they exit the company.

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The organization is able to have flexibility to create its own rules and doesn’t have to be bound by the rules of a typical insurance product e.g. one can use the wallet savings to pay for their parents, siblings and other close family members and friends. As an organization, you create your own rules which might be not be possible with the current Healthcare in Kenya insurance products.

Advantages of ECMFs:

  • Less Spending on Healthcare: The funds that you do not use as a company run on the next month/quarter/year unlike insurance premiums which expire. This saves the company tons of money which the company would otherwise bleed in unused premiums.
  • Affordability and Flexibility: ECMFs allow you to offer quality healthcare without the hefty premiums. As an organization (employees included)you can contribute at your own pace. This makes it easier for you to budget for your Healthcare expenses. Your employees also benefit from flexible packages and the freedom to choose a fund that suits their individual needs and budgets.
  • Reduced Costs: Sharing the financial burden with employees eases the pressure on your company’s budget. Additionally, Imani Health is able to negotiate bulk discounts from healthcare providers which further reduces costs for Healthcare in Kenya.
  • Increased sense of ownership: As the employees contribute into the healthcare pool, they are motivated to not misuse the funds as they will also greatly benefit from a bigger pool of finances.
  • Enhanced Employee Retention: With ever increasing costs of Healthcare in Kenya, offering attractive healthcare benefits helps you attracts and retains top talent, boosting employee morale and loyalty.
  • Improved Productivity: With your employees not having to worry about their own healthcare, and that of their dependants, they are happier, are more focused and productive. They take fewer sick days and a more focused workforce.
  • Simplified Administration: Forget complex paperwork and administrative headaches. Imani Health handles all your healthcare payments processing and administration, freeing you to focus on running your business.

Taking the Next Step

ECMFs offer a promising solution for MSMEs seeking to provide quality healthcare benefits without breaking the bank. Kindly fill in the form here: or Call us today to discuss options with your team. You can also follow us on linkedIn for more interaction with us.

Remember, a healthy workforce is a thriving workforce. Invest in your employees’ well-being with ECMFs and watch your MSME soar.

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