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Imani Health Diaspora

Imani Health Diaspora is a healthcare savings wallet that enables you take care of your parents even when you are miles away.

Our Process

Taking care of those that cared for you

Diaspora Wallet is primarily for those not within Kenya. You are still able to set aside healthcare funds to take care of your loved ones back at home.

  • It caters for parents are past typical insurance age and/or might have underlying health conditions which makes insurance prices un-affordable for the them
  • These parents are prone to common illnesses that require frequent medical attention.
  • This also ensures that your funds are used for the intended healthcare purpose.
Our Values

Why choose us

Easy to use
  • Register on the web portal provided.
  • Top-up your wallet  (top-up any amount at any time)
  • Parent pays hospital bill by following the prompts on the USSD
  • View wallet balance


Home care visits

Yes the wallet can be used for home care services. We have partnered with credible hospitals and organizations to provide your parents with the best home care support they need. 

All ailments are covered

There are no limits or exclusions due to age or pre-existing conditions. 


As a user, you are charged ONLY when you visit the hospital. The cost charged is 5% of the hospital bill up to a maximum of Ksh. 1,000. The money is deducted from your wallet during payment. 


The money can be used in any healthcare facility & diagnostic centre across the country and for home care visits

Numerous contributors into one wallet

Siblings and other family members can contribute to one wallet.

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