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Self Employed Healthcare Plan (Kenya)

Kenya boasts of an ever growing vibrant economy with lots more people opting to be self employed as a means of sustainable livelihood. These group encompasses everyone from photographers, videographers, freelance agency creatives, social media influencers, system developers all the way to uber drivers, boda boda riders and market vendors. This sector despite being the backbone of the nation’s economy lacks access to quality healthcare products as there is no adequate Self Employed Healthcare Plan. Traditional health insurance models, designed for a more formal workforce, often fall short, leaving out a Self Employed Healthcare plan. Many workers in these groups are vulnerable to financial hardship in the face of medical emergencies.

By offering a more flexible and inclusive approach to healthcare financing, healthcare wallets provide an adequate self-employed healthcare plan. It empowers workers to take charge of their well-being without the constraints of traditional insurance. Below are ways where traditional insurance falls short;

  • Fixed Premiums, Unfixed Incomes: Insurance premiums are paid annually which can be a heavy burden for those with fluctuating earnings. Imagine having to pay a fixed sum every month, even during slow seasons such as April to July for event organizers and photographers.
  • Pre-existing Conditions, Excluded Coverage: Existing health issues can lead to exclusions or sky-high premiums, leaving the most vulnerable without coverage at their time of greatest need.
  • Job gaps and hops. As a self employed person, employment is characterized by frequent job changes, delayed payments and issues beyond your control, this creates gaps in healthcare access.
  • No retirement plan: Insurance is designed to cover people only when they are in active employment. The cover is not extended to retirement. You can compare traditional insurance products here:

The Healthcare Wallet: A Flexible Safety Net for the Self Employed in Kenya

Imani Health wallet flips the script on traditional insurance and offers you a self employed healthcare plan in Kenya. Below are the benefits of using Imani Health Wallet;

  • Pay-As-You-Go: Imani Health Wallet allows for flexible contributions. The monthly contributions made can differ from one month to another ensuring you still access healthcare even during lean times.
  • Portability on the Move: Unlike traditional insurance tied to specific employers, funds in your Imani Health Wallet remain accessible regardless of job changes. You can move between jobs without worrying about losing your health coverage.
  • Open Network, Wider Choices: With Imani Health, you can pay for healthcare service at ANY hospital within the republic of Kenya. The funds are not limited to particular hospitals. Imani Health also gives you the chance to pay for medicine at all registered pharmacies.
  • Cover ALL your loved ones: Imani Healthcare Wallet, is not limited to immediate family & friends it allows gives you freedom to cover your siblings and parents as well.
  • Wellness Checks: In partnership with our hospital partners, you are able to get checkups & screenings thus promoting overall well-being and potentially reducing future medical costs.

As a self- employed person… what are you waiting for?

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